Hot off the press

Moving onto more exciting projects, but what a wonderful time we’ve had at the Yeotown retreat. Fantastic to see such kind words about our cooking!


Cooked by the lovely Dora, there was plenty of delicious food to eat. From red lentil and coconut soup to white fish with green chilli and coriander, we were treated to nutritious meals everyday. Refined sugar, gluten, wheat, dairy and caffeine were all banned, and we were advised to give up these vices a week before our stay. If you had followed the pretox, the diet wouldn’t have been so hard, but one of my fellow Yeotowners didn’t prepare herself and spent much of the time longing for a glass of wine. I prepared and managed to avoid any cravings. One downside is that my skin broke out, but a clear complexion soon followed and, most importantly, stayed. As for the lack of caffeine, my energy levels skyrocketed and, despite since returning to caffine, I’ve managed to cut my two-a-day habit down to just two-a-week. For anyone that knows me, that’s quite a feat. ◆ “


Summer fun in summer sun

All this sunshine is making us think of summer weddings.

greener (1)


Simple things fresh strawberry & cream on home made scones…


…and ginger and honey scones, with wild Exmoor honey.

Truly scrumptious, with no badness at all!

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Here at HGCC, sometimes we like to be naughty, but sometimes we like to be oh so virtuous. When we’re being good, it has to be full of flavour, and here’s how we do it…

The three recipes below are packed full of nutrients. They’re meat, gluten, dairy and refined sugar free. They’re gorgeously packed full of natural proteins, omega oils, free radicals and loads of flavour. All of that goodness is sure to make you feel full of the joys of spring!

Click on the pictures to find the recipe!


Stew-pendous, year round warming and packed full of flavour.

11024657_1605021629731482_538209367724956107_n 11038397_1605023203064658_4372832404109028484_nQuinoa Salad. Easy-peasy, full of superfoods and totally yummy.


Energy balls. These are my savior. They’re a sweet treat after dinner, a boost of energy in the day, and a quick snack when I’m on the go.

Annual Accordion Players Dinner

The last weekend of May saw the Accordion players host their annual dinner in West Down. This year was a glorious North Devon Summers day, a refreshing change from years before however the accordion players stuck with tradition and asked The Homegrown Catering Company to fill their tummies once again.

The main meal was choice of rich Beef Bourguignon or roast fillet of salmon with asparagus, cherry tomatoes and kalamata olives. Served with new potatoes and seasonal vegetables.


The meal was followed by a choice of Fruit Crumble or Zesty Treacle Tart served with double or clotted cream.

accordian-pud-2 accordian-pud-3

Teas, coffees and bread rolls were also provide by The Homegrown Catering Company.

A Lynton Wedding in May

May 18th saw Lynton Town Hall play host the wedding of Lindsey and David. The couple wanted a traditional and interesting menu to satisfy their guests.

Dora and the Homegrown Catering Company team prepared a feast as fabulous as the weather on the day.

Canapés were served as guests arrived comprising of Taste of the West award winning sausages, Bruschetta with goats cheese, sun blushed tomatoes and balsamic vinegar and Yorkshire puddings filled with roast beef and horseradish or strong English mustard.




The main meal was a starter of Asparagus wrapped in Parma ham with quale’s eggs followed by a main meal of Besshill slow cooked beef in red wine with the Grooms favourite of mashed potatoes, braised red cabbage and peas. With an Italian parmigiana for vegetarians.

The meal was followed by strawberry and crème patisserie starts.


The Homegrown Catering Company would like to congratulate the happy couple and wish them all the best for their future together.

The Pearcy – Finnigan Wedding

ED (517)

The last wedding of 2012 for The Homegrown Catering Company was to celebrate the marriage of Ryan Pearcy and Zeya Finnigan who live locally in North Devon. The couple had friends and family travelling from far and wide across both the British Isles and internationally as far afield as Israel, Spain and Canada. Ryan and Zeya knew that their mix of guests had eclectic culinary tastes ranging from traditional English to more exotic foods of the world and wanted to find something to suit everyone. The Brides mother, although having spent much of her life in England was originally from the mediterranean and the couple really wanted to incorporate the fabulous range of flavours from this part of the world. Ryan and Zeya were mindful of the fact that a number of those expected to attend had specific dietary requirements, much of the Bride’s father’s side of the family are vegetarians, where as the Groom especially is a keen meat-eater, there were guests who were gluten intolerant and a number of guests who were lactose free and some guests who exclude certain foods for religious reasons.

Mr & Mrs Colour

Concerned that with this huge range of requirements in mind they would not be able to find a menu to ‘wow’ their guests Ryan and Zeya approached Dora, The Homegrown Catering Company’s owner and chef with some trepidation. After discussing many options Dora suggested that the couple serve a buffet. This allowed a wide range of different foods to be served. Both hot and cold dishes as well as delicious vegetarian options and a range of items to fill the tummies of all the guests would be able to be provided taking into account the wide range of dietary requirements within the group of people attending. Dora was not put off  in the slightest by these challenges as has vast experience in both vegetarian cookery and specialist dietary cooking.

Living locally, in North Devon, Ryan and Zeya were keen to utilise the fabulous local produce the area has to offer, so once again The Homegrown Catering Company was the perfect choice as Dora was able to call on her extensive contacts in the area as well as use the produce from her own market garden. This ensured that all the food and ingredients served was really fresh, locally sourced and of superb quality.

Ryan and Zeya chose to have a traditional wedding in the countryside, held in Parracombe near Lynton, North Devon and close to where the Bride grew-up. The ceremony was held in Christ Church in the village and the couple chose the Village Hall for the reception as it was within walking distance of the church but importantly suited the relaxed atmosphere they wanted to creat for the day. This presented a new challenge for The Homegrown Catering Company, the village hall was only able to seat ninety and with eighty-five guests attending and just a small village hall kitchen with serving hatch there was little room to prepare and importantly serve the buffet. This was no problem for The Homegrown Catering Company however as Dora cleverly extended the space using her own marquee and even decorated it to tie in with the couples theme and colour scheme.

The Homegrown Catering Company served canapes and Champagne on the guests arrival to the hall. Guests were greeted with mini scones with clotted cream and fresh strawberries, a twist on the traditional Devon Cream Tea and the perfect thing to serve at a Devon wedding in the countryside aswell as ginger and walnut scones with honey and clotted cream, scotch quale’s eggs and blinis with smoked salmon.

The Champagne starts to flow
The Champagne starts to flow

ED (613)

Scones with clotted cream and fresh strawberries, ginger and walnut scones with clotted cream and honey

ED (670)

Guests enjoying Champagne

ED (586)

ED (571)

Smoked Salmon Blinis

ED (562)

Once the Bride and Groom arrived guests were treated to the buffet wich included dishes such as award-winning (Taste of the Westcountry gold, silver and merit 2012) Westcountry sausages, Mediterranean Chicken Stew with black olives and chorizo sausage, scallop shells stuffed with smoked river trout and horseradish cream on a bed of shredded lettuce and cucumber with dill, seasonal green, quinoa and rice salads, a range of quiches and pies all made by hand by The Homegrown Catering Company, handmade sausage rolls, Spanatopika, cold meats, filo parcels stuffed with a range of fillings, olives, dolmades and  selection of breads and brioche.

ED (703)

Award-Winning Westcountry Sausages and Ginger and Walnut Scones with Honey and Clotted Cream.

ED (551)

ED (538)

The main meal was followed by a selection of beautifully crafted chocolate moose deserts, jellies, fruit, cheese board served with chutneys made by The Homegrown Catering Company, Tea, coffee and mint chocolates.


Chocolate Moose

ED (561)

Cheese Board

The Homegrown Catering Company were even able to assist with the table linen and glassware.

ED (589)

Table Linen and Glassware Supplied by The Homegrown Catering Company.

Feasting continued with the arrival of the evening guests when The Homegrown Catering company, once again bearing in mind Ryan and Zeya’s desire to satisfy all their guests tastes, served Panini’s and fries. A choice of flavours was provided including cheddar and bacon, cheddar and mushroom, mozzarella and basil, mozzarella, pesto and Parma ham and tuna, pepper and tomatoes.

Ryan and Zeya Pearcy

The Homegrown Catering Company wish Ryan and Zeya every happiness in their life together and are really excited about helping more couples on their big days in 2013!